Dreams really do come true!

Dreams really do come true!


I've always had the heart of an entrepreneur. When I fell in love with the art of jewelry making, I had no idea it would lead me here... to this! 8 years ago, the dream of opening a fun "Made in Hawaii" focused boutique came to life when my Mother and I opened a shop in our little town of Hawi. We named it for my daughter Olivia and her great-grandmother, Clare to honor the FOUR generations of STRONG WOMEN in my family. Opening a second shop in the Queens' MarketPlace was always this far-away dream, but NOW it's a REALITY! Over the years my eye for what my customers want has become more keen. Year after year, my faith has grown as we made it through "slow seasons". My personal endurance has GROWN, too! I needed all of that experience for this GREAT BIG adventure!

From start to finish, this project consumed every hour of every single day for 8 weeks! We completely remodeled the inside all while trying to order amazing new goodies to fill the space! It was a whirlwind and I'm so thankful for all of my friends & family who pulled together to help us!

On November 3rd, we opened the doors to the public! We had so many people stopping in to see what we've been up to in here and wishing us well! The feeling of community has been amazing here!

We will be having our GRAND OPENING SOON (more details to follow) where we will be giving away a $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE to one very lucky shopper!

Mahalo for being a part of my journey,


                                       (Photo with my daughter Olivia and my Mother, Kathryn)